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    Civil Workers' Union Application Format

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    Civil Workers' Union Application Format

    Post by xDaStallionx on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:46 pm

    Civil Workers' Union Application Format

    Out-Of-Character Information

    Steam Name:

    Steam ID:

    How long have you been roleplaying?

    Have you ever been a Civil Workers' Union member in other servers?

    What division in the Civil Workers' Union do you want to join? (ex. doctor, shop keeper)

    Write a Background Story (App. 2+ Paragraphs) of your character's life, and how they got into their current situation:

    In-Character Information


    Citizen Identification Digits:




    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:



    Detainment History:


    Please mark one with a āœ”

    Have you committed any crimes against the Universal Union? If so, list them below.

    Yes __ No __

    Please mark one with a āœ”

    Are you willing to work hard labor for the Union?

    Yes __ No __

    Please mark one with a āœ”

    Did a member from the Civil Workers' Union recommend you for a place in our union? If so, list the name of the member.

    Yes__ No__

    Why do you wish to join the Civil Workers' Union?


    Is there anything else that you feel necessary to add about yourself?


    Signature: ___________________

    -David Foster,

    City Twenty Three Civil Workers' Union Manager

    [WARNING: Falsification of ANY Official Universal Union Documentation will result in PERMANENT OFFWORLD-RELOCATION!]

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