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    NoobSaibot101 Application for Overwatch Transhuman Arm


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    NoobSaibot101 Application for Overwatch Transhuman Arm Empty NoobSaibot101 Application for Overwatch Transhuman Arm

    Post by NoobSaibot101 on Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:41 am

    Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application Format

    Entirely Out-Of-Character Information

    Steam Name: NoobSaibot101

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:28873661

    Age: 16

    First Name: Patrick Sullivan

    Gender: Male

    Requested Unit Digits (5): 62639

    How long have you been roleplaying?
    -Close to 5 years

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious OpenAura servers?
    -Close to 4 years.

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious HL2RP servers?
    -Close to 4 years.

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as an Overwatch unit?
    - ProneGaming
    - ResilianceGaming

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Overwatch?
    - Prone: OTA:99034.DAGGER.EOW
    - Resiliance: 62639.OSC

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a Civil Protection unit?
    - Pronegaming
    - ResilianceGaming

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Civil Protection?
    - Prone: 10.2
    - Resilance: 09034.JURY.DVL

    Why do you want to join the Overwatch Transhuman Arm?
    If theres one thing I know alot about its the Overwatch. Heavily Augmented humans with little fear of pain and no fear of death. Ive played on multiple servers (Two of which I actualy remember the names of) as Overwatch and MPF units.

    Do you have any skills or knowledge that could relatively assist the Overwatch Transhuman Arm (lifeguard/medical training, firearms knowledge, etc.)?
    -Decent knowledge of Real-Life firearms.
    -Basic CPR
    -A couple hand to hand combat moves.

    What are your character's personality traits? (Personality and mentality.)
    -Transhumans dont realy have personalities to begin with.
    -But I suppose Mikhail however was virtually emotionless before the war and after. Never conversing with anyone, just focusing on his work. Never questioned orders or anything for that matter, he was silent before the war, now hes just as silent and emotionless after if not more.

    What type of armed force was your character affiliated with before and during the 7 Hour War?

    -Russian Special Forces(Spetsnaz)

    Write a background story (app. 4+ paragraphs) of your character's life, and how they were captured in the 7 Hour War to become transhumanized:

    Mikhail lived an unstable life before the war. His parents were killed by gangsters when he was merely 13 years of age, and for a time he went into a life of crime until he was left for dead by his friends at a crime scene in which the victem was killed. Shortly after his arrest he was given two options, to serve the rest of his life in prison or redeem himself by joining the military. He of course made the decision of joining the russian armed forces. He performed quite well for 7 years to be offered a hand in the Special Forces Division(Spetsnaz), which was an oppertunity he jumped on. Unfortunatly, the Unions seige of earth began about two weeks after his promotion, and the his very first assignment was his last as a member of the Russian Federation Army. His mission was to futily engage a Union synthe with heavy weapons. Of course it resulted with a building collapsing on Mikhail and his team. However he did not die, he survived but with severe damage done to each of his limbs. Realizing his defeat, the soldier closed his eyes waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel. But hours later, he opened his eyes to find he was strapped to a table stripped of his equipment with several off-world surgical tools that looked like torture devices to the crippled soldier. He struggled futily until he saw one of the many devices moving down toward his gentelia. He screamed in absolute agony into a mask that he assumed was supposed to give him something to make the pain go away, but it went on and on. After he was castrated, bonesaw looking machinery moved to his arms. Again he screamed in pain as his broken arms were taken from his body, then it went onto his legs, with still no numbness. His body couldnt go into shock as a needle kept injecting him with more fluid each time a limb was removed. Eventually, he injested amnestsia after his second leg was removed. He awoke yet again, however did so emotionless. Upon opening his eyes he was looking through blue lenses with small lettering that said "UNIT 62639 ONLINE" & discovered he was breathing through a steel respirator type helmet. He looked to his newly augmented hands clutching his fists which were covered by black tactical gloves. Then looking to his lower body finding that he was in a Grey and Blue urban camofluaged combat uniform and black steel-toe All-terrain combat boots. He got off the table looking to his right finding an assault type weapon of completely unknown origin sitting on a rack. Suddenly a green out-line highlighted the weapon and said "OSIPR(Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse rifle or AR2)." He took the rifle and the ammunition into his hands throwing it onto his back and pocketing the ammunition as if already knowing how to use it. Then he looked to a pistol his former self was actualy familer with, a USP MATCH Security Sidearm, holstering it onto his right leg. Upon walking he realizes they are not his real legs, however he feels unphased and says nothing. Suddenly, lettering appears on his visor stating:"OVERWATCH UNIT:62639. PREPARE FOR SECTOR RELOCATION."

    Provide an example of passive roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 2+ paragraphs or 20 lines):

    OWS.UNIT.62639 Stands perfectly idle inside Nexus lobby with weapons holstered, looking at a wall.
    Two off duty RCT female MPF units stand on the opposite side of room talking about recent apartment raid.
    The two look to the Overwatch unit.
    MPF.RCT.46600 "Do they usualy do this?"
    MPF.RCT.54834 shrugs. "I dont know."
    MPF.RCT.46600 "Hes been standing in that same spot for.. 2 hours now.. Just watching."
    MPF.RCT.54834 "He isnt watching us, is he?"
    MPF.RCT.46600 looks to the OTA unit sighing then walking over.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 says nothing as she walks over to him.
    MPF.RCT.46600 "Are... You alright..?"
    OWS.UNIT.62639 remains silent and unmoving.
    MPF.RCT.46600 "Ummm... Hello?"
    OWS.UNIT.62639 still says nothing.
    MPF.RCT.46600 slowly backs away toward her partner.
    MPF.RCT.54834 "Doesnt he have anything better to do then stand there for two straight hours hearing us talk?"
    MPF.RCT.46600 "Appearently not..."
    The two units look to the soldier.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 turns his head slowly toward the two, remaining silent.
    The two units then stare back at the soldier, concerned.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 then walks away emotionlessly toward the nearest elevator.
    MPF.RCT.54834 "Creepy.."

    Provide an example of action roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 3+ paragraphs or 30 lines):

    OWS.UNIT.62639 stands idle in one of 15 stasis pods, his helmet lenses black.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 lenses turn on.
    Four pods open up with four units stepping out simultaniusly.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Prepare for engagement with multiple Anti-Citizens."
    The units ready there weapons getting into line formation behind there captain.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Move!"
    The units begin sprinting in perfect formation behind the OSC out an automated door leading to the wilderness.
    After a few minutes of running, they spot three men in a distance wearing Resistance uniforms carrying SMGs.
    OWS.UNIT.22132 "Contacts."
    OWS.UNIT.49856 "Three. Small arms. MP7s."
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Copy that. Phantom Formation."
    The four soldiers instantly crouch down moving quietly towards the unsuspecting men.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 holds his hand up palm open signaling his squad to hold.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 moving his arm right points two fingers signalling two soldiers to go right.
    Units 22132 and 62639 move right silently and maintain there positions.
    All four units aim there weapons as they wait for the kill order
    The three rebels stand over two dead MPF units.
    Rebel 2: "Im telling you man. They werent alone out here."
    Rebel 1: "You wanna bet? These chicken shits were out here alone, probably deserters."
    Rebel Leader: "None of that matters, get whatever ammunition you can off of them and lets ge-"
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Sterilize."
    Suddenly the Units rise from the woodland tall brush firing their rifles simultaniously.
    Rebels are suppied no cover in the area.
    Rebel 1: "Fu-!"
    Rebel 1 takes pulse round through his throat, falling to the ground choking on blood.
    Rebel Leader: "Joseph! Get out of he-!"
    Rebel Leader takes several pulse rounds through the upperbody and stomach.
    Rebel 2 (Or Joseph) attempts to run toward trees in hopes to lose the Soldiers.
    Rebel 2 trips over a large root sticking out of the ground yet still futily attempts to crawl away on his stomach.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 being the closest quickly walks over putting his boot on the rebels back.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 puts the AR2 on his back & turns the man over attempting to pick him up by his throat.
    Joseph cannot react fast enough to escape.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 clutches the mans throat lifting him off the ground with his augmeted arm.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Standby for Sterilization."
    Joseph tries to make out "Please! I dont know anything! My captain new everything now hes dead! Lemme go! Please!"
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Copy that. 62639..."
    OWS.UNIT.62639 looks to his Captain, while still holding the man.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "He has no use. Dispose of him."
    Josephs eyes widen in fear "No WAI-"
    OWS.UNIT.62639 squeezes his augmented hand with little effort snapping his victims neck like a twig.
    OWS.UNIT.62639 drops the lifeless body to the ground with little care.
    OSC.UNIT.79033 "Recover weapons, clean KIA MPF units and move back to base. Mission sucessful."

    Character Information (during 7 Hour War, also OOC)

    Name: Mikhail Skorzahkov

    Affiliated Army: Russian Federation Special Forces.

    Rank: Corperal

    Role: Assault operations.

    Commonly Issued Primary Firearm:
    -AN-94 was a weapon of choice for the Russian Special Forces.

    Age: 24

    WEIGHT: 179 LBS

    HIEGHT: 6'1

    HAIR COLORATION: Dark brown

    EYE COLORATION: Green eyes

    ETHENICTY: Eastern European(Russian and Ukrianian)

    GENDER: Male

    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Small scar on cheek from a pocket knife.

    Yes or No? (Still OOC)

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Metropolice Force?

    Yes __ No _*_

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Civil Workers’ Union?

    Yes __ No _*_

    Do you promise that you will not minge or troll at all or cause any disruption for both the roleplay and the community?

    -I give you my word that I will do my best to avoid any coflict that involves disrupting roleplay & the community.
    -As for minging. Ive never abused my position as Overwatch, and I never will.

    Do you promise that you will roleplay as realistically as you can? Overwatch units are supposed to almost all identical in personality and in verbal skill levels.

    -My best RP expiriences in OA HL2RP are with both Overwatch and Civil Protection, I give you my word you that you will get nothing but the best from me.

    Im hoping this is enough for acceptance into Overwatch...

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