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    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by Slystrike on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:19 pm

    Entirely Out-Of-Character Information (nobody ICly wants to get horribly transhumanized)

    Steam Name:Slystike

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:37179522


    First Name:Kameron


    Requested Unit Digits (5):61504

    How long have you been roleplaying?
    About a year.
    How long have you been roleplaying in serious OpenAura servers?
    I started to RP on OA servers, so that would be about a year.
    How long have you been roleplaying in serious HL2RP servers?
    About a year.
    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as an Overwatch unit?
    Yes I do.
    What was your ranks in those servers for Overwatch?
    I was an OWS.
    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a Civil Protection unit?
    Yes I do.
    What was your ranks in those servers for Civil Protection?
    I was a 02
    Why do you want to join the Overwatch Transhuman Arm?
    I would like to join the OTA to make playing a bit more enjoyable, as I like to be in a position of power. I would also like to be OTA because the last time I was it was very enjoyable and it was a lot more serious.
    Do you have any skills or knowledge that could relatively assist the Overwatch Transhuman Arm (lifeguard/medical training, firearms knowledge, etc.)?
    I have knowledge of modern mechanics. I know basics of mechanics which is more than the average person.
    What are your character's personality traits? (Personality and mentality.)
    My character is a very serious person. He does joke around on a very odd occasion and can take joke. He is very serious about his work and likes to get things done fast and on time. His mental is quite stable but he has a large craving for knowledge.
    What type of armed force was your character affiliated with before and during the 7 Hour War? (police force, military, airforce, etc.)
    He was a Canadian Airforce pilot, trained to fly Jets like the F-35 and the CF-18 and was also trained to fly drones and helicopters.
    Write a background story (app. 4+ paragraphs) of your character's life, and how they were captured in the 7 Hour War to become transhumanized:

    I wasn't the best kid at my school. I broke the rules from time to time and hung out with the rougher crowd. Smoked, drank, partied all night. I was like this throughout middle school and the most of highschool. My parents never knew, and never will of the life I left behind me. My grades were never the best but I was always one of the quickest to learn. Math, science and almost every other subject, other than english. I was terrible at english. As teachers continued to compliment me on how fast I could pick things up, they recomended me for advance placemnet courses. I didn't want to go but my parents chose for me. I thought this class would be full of nerds but I was wrong. Some of my best friends took these course, and it wasn't that bad.

    I took a sudden interest in physics and mechanics, and I would sometimes discuss various scientific topics with my dad. As our we continued our discussion, I learned that my father was going to join the military. He often sugested I go to the Royal Military College and study there and graduate as an officer and join the army. I wasn't really on board with the idea but as time passed I became much more patriotic to my country and had a sudden desire to fly aircraft for the Canadian Air Force. I decide to persue my interest and I join a militia CO-OP program in grade 12. I gained all my military training then and when I graduated from high school I did end up going to the military college, not only to fo-fill my dream but to persue my dads.

    I studied at the college for 4 years. I became aquanted with many of the students and life was good. I studied mechanical engineering, physics, and the electromagnetics. I gave most of my effort towards mechanical engineering. The college trained me in mechanics and in aviation, I was joining the air force when I was done. My teachers, like my high school teachers, found I would pick things up quickly. I would fly almost everyday and my teachers would often crown me as one of their best. I enjoyed college, I learned a lot and did what I loved to do. I graduated as a Captain in the Canadian military with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanics and a Masters in physics and electromagnetics.

    In no time I was in the air flying, showing off what I can fo in the air to my superiors so they could place me in a squadrant. They placed me as the leader of my squadrant. We were given the privlage to use the F-35 planes as our mission success was perfect. We became a great example of how fierce the RCAF was. We were involved in many mission that were top secret and some more public. I would fly jets on bombing missions and scouting and often flew helicopters on evacuation missions or drop offs. I didn't enjoy flying drones as much as the Jets or the helicopters but I did it when I was told.

    My life was almost perfec. I was in a relationship, did what I loved and was a flying Ace, but the worst was about to come. Sirens blared as my base was place on red alert. People ran to their stations as fast as they could. I asked many about what was going on but they didn't know. I ran to my post and climbed into my F-35 ready for battle with whatever was attacking. I was briefed over radio while I was flying in the air. They said extra-terrestrial beings were attacking earth and I couldnt believe it. My mission was to do as much damage to their air force as possible. It seems my life had just turned upside down.

    Their air force was good... to good, it was almost impossible to shoot one down. I used 3 rockets and all of my rounds to take down one, and the only one. I was surrounded by multiple bogeys closing in fast. My wing man tried to take one out on my tail but I was able to get behind him. I fired and shot my last rocket but it missed. I thought as much and they kept coming. I did as much as I could but my wing man and I became overwhelmed. It happened all so fast. My plane took so much the engines failed and the metal flying machine fell to the ground. I was able to stabilize the plane so it was level with the ground. My plane glided level with the ground and I ejected. While I was safely floating to the ground, I caught a glimpse of what was happening in the distance.

    Their were no words to describe what was happening on the ground. I couldn't believe it was all happening, I thought I was dreaming for sure, but it was all to real. This was reality. I landed in a small forest and was quickly met with enemy soldiers. I had my SMG in one hand and a knife in the other. I wasn't able to kill anything. They were to strong so I ran my way towards the city. I was met with countless enemies and had to sneak past.I lost my SMG when I tripped when I was running from the forest and all I had was my knife. I was overun quickly, and I could say I put up a good fight. I was tackled to the ground and knocked out. All I could do was let the darkness consume me.

    I awoke to a cell. A strange combine cell, something I had never seen before. Soldiers entered my cell and dragged me to a strange room. They told me I was going to be transhumanised. I didn't know what it meant but I knew it wasn't good. They hooked me up to this machine and it was so painful the darkness consumed me again. I woke up, feeling different. I didn't know what they did but it didn't feel good. They made me a soldier, and I obeyed. Their was nothing I could do, it felt right. It feels right to join them, to serve them. Earth has no hope, the combine is the right path to choose. I will never be the same though. I'm always so serious, rarely cracking a joke unlike in my passed. Work is work and nothing will disrupt that. The combine are my friends now.... and my family.

    Provide an example of passive roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app 2+ paragraphs or 20 lines):
    At the time I am unsure of the OTA soldier name structure. I will list the soldiers as Soldier 1 and 2 and commander and I understand OTA soldiers are expected to know this terminology but I couldnt really think of anything better.

    OTA Commander "Today you soldiers will be completing your training. We will run you through various kinds of tests to see if you are worth joining the ranks of the OTA. We will first be working on OTA codes and terminology."
    OTA Commander "I will be teaching you more basic terminology that is used often by soldiers. The first term I will be teaching will be 10-4 which simply means Copy."
    OTA Commander "10-107 is a suspicious person and 647E is an anti-citizen. 11-99 is Officer requires immediate assistance or Emergency and 10-20 is location."
    OTA Commander "Now these are just the most commonly used codes used in the OTA force and you will now be tested on these codes."
    OTA Commander "I will use a combination of the codes I have stated and you will translate it. Understood?"
    OTA Soldiers "Copy."
    OTA Commander "Good. Now soldier 1, I have a 10-107 at my 10-20."
    OTA Soldier 1 "I have a suspicious person at my location."
    OTA Commander "Very good, Now soldier 2. A 647E is at my 10-20! 11-99!
    OTA soldier 2 "A anti-citizen is at my location! Require immediate assistance!
    OTA Commander "Very good, both of you. Now there are terms for certain creatures and objects like Viscerators or as citizens call them, manhacks."
    OTA Commander "Other terms would include Bouncer or grenade, Restrictor or Thumper, Parasitic or Headcrab, Exogen or antlion, Necrotic or Zombie and Biotic or Vortigaunt. I will state one of these words and you will tell me what they mean. Understood?"
    OTA soldiers "Copy that."
    OTA Commander "Soldier 1, What is a Biotic and our name for a thumper?"
    OTA Soldier 1 "That would be a Vortigaunt and a Restrictor Sir."
    OTA Commander "Well done, now soldier 2. What is a Parasitic and a Exogen?"
    OTA Soldier 2 "A Headcrab and an Antlion Sir."
    OTA Commander "Very well done. Now we will be moving on to our firearms training."

    Provide an example of action roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app 3+ paragraphs or 30 lines):

    **OTA unit patrols the beaches of the Outlands looking for any suspicious activity with his SMG raised.
    **Strange sounds come from the cabin nearby.
    OTA unit radios in "I believe I have a 10-107 in a small cabin by my 10-20. Moving in to investigate."
    Dispatch radios in "10-4."
    **OTA unit approaches the cabin slowly and with caution.
    **Whispering can be heard from the inside.
    **OTA unit steps quietly but steps on a creaky board making a loud noise in the silence.
    **Refugee yells "Shit! Everyone out the back door!"
    **Multiple footsteps can be heard as people pile out the back doorway.
    OTA unit yells "Stop right there!"
    OTA unit Radios in "I have multiple 647Es running, in pursuit."
    **OTA unit runs after the Refugees.
    **Refugee runs towards a small cave.
    **Rebel raises his 9mm and fires twice, stumbling as he does so missing his shots.
    **OTA unit raises his SMG quickly firing in burst at the rebel, hitting him in the foot.
    **Rebel screams in pain as the bullet connects with his heal. He limps as fast as he can to the small cave.
    **Refugee runs into the darkness of the cave.
    **Rebel medic comes out from behind a rock with a loaded 9mm. He empties his clip blind firing at the OTA unit.
    **OTA unit quickly takes cover behind a rock and returns fire, bullets connecting to the medics face.
    Rebel yells "He's cat-" but was cut off as a spray of bullets entered his back.
    **Rebel falls to the ground, dead.
    **OTA unit quickly runs into the cave.
    Rebel 2 yells "Hes in the cave! Run! We will hold him off!"
    **Rebel 2 raises his SMG and fires, spraying bullets all over the cave.
    **Rebel 3 does the same but closes his eyes as he does so.
    **OTA unit quickly takes cover outside the entrance of the cave.
    **Rebel 2 stops firing as he runs out of bullets and drops his SMG.
    **OTA unit changes his clip and fires a burst towards Rebel 2.
    **The bullets connect with Rebel 2's face as he pops up over the rock with a loaded 9mm.
    **Rebel 3 cowers in fear behind the rock.
    **OTA unit moves up to Rebel 3.
    Rebel 3 says "P-Please, D-don't hurt me."
    **OTA unit raises his weapon and fires a spray of bullets into the man, killing him.
    **OTA unit looks down the cave to see if he could locate his original prey but they were nowhere to be seen.
    OTA unit radios in "I have killed four 647Es and an unknown amount of other got away. Returning back to base."
    Character Information (during 7 Hour War)

    Name: Alex Thiel

    Affiliated Police Force:No
    Affiliated Army: Yes

    Rank: Captain

    Role:Mechanics engineer and Plot

    Commonly Issued Primary Firearm:SMG or 9mm


    Weight:150 LBs


    Hair Color:Dirty Blonde

    Eye Color:Brown

    Ethnicity:Canadian Caucasian


    Distinguishing Marks: Scar down left Arm

    Yes or No?

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Metropolice Force?

    Yes __ No ✔


    If so, what rank are you?

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Civil Workers’ Union?

    Yes __ No ✔


    If so, what do you do for the CWU?

    Do you promise that you will not minge or troll at all or cause any disruption for both the roleplay and the community?

    Yes I do.

    Do you promise that you will roleplay as realistically as you can? Overwatch units are supposed to almost all identical in personality and in verbal skill levels.

    Yes I do

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    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by Sinic on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:14 pm

    The application has its flaws, but you did well, and to be honest, not many people have signed up for the Overwatch Transhuman Arm, so I may as well accept you, because we do need another person.
    This isn't because you are my friend or because the app was fine, it was a great application to be honest, over Steam chat I can hear how much you were dedicated to creating the story and the application itself!

    But here are the flaws:
    - Spelling and grammar flaws.
    - Canon flaws; You wouldn't of been able to shoot or knife any of the soldiers, they are all synthetic creatures, it would of been almost completely impossible.
    - Canon flaws #2; the ships aren't that easy to take down, you may be a good flyer, but those ships are pretty much immune to bullets as I can think of.
    - Canon flaws #3; in your passive example, the commander wouldn't be teaching units the codes, they would already have a clear understanding of them, so that is what I should expect from you either way.
    - Canon flaws #4; the OWS also have no emotion almost at all, you displayed a bit of emotion with them when they said "Yes sir!", they would just simply say "Copy." or not say anything.

    Either way, you did a good job, and its the dedication that counts, I knew that you tried your hardest, and it was worth it.

    It was a great application, aside from those flaws, but I knew you took your time and didn't rush it at all, and you got into your story, but it just confuses me if you want to be an Airwatch or a ground soldier, we don't really have full on Airwatch yet, but it depends what you want to be.

    ACCEPTED - but I need to expect more from you, if you want, you can improve the application.

    *EDIT* - You improved these factors, I think you may be able to get your OTA then, I still think I see a few spelling mistakes, but I can avoid those, just need Lone to get you your whitelist then you'll be done. You can probably work on them a bit more maybe so its easier to read, just mainly the merging sentences with other unrelated questions and answers.

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    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] 24vnw91

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    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by Slystrike on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:07 am

    I have edited the app to contain correct formating,terminology and research.
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    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by Sinic on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:31 am

    Slystrike wrote:I have edited the app to contain correct formating,terminology and research.
    It seems great, just some of the questions are merging with the answers to other questions above them.

    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] 24vnw91

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    Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Slystrike - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

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