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    H.Drescher - OTA App [ACCEPTED]


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    H.Drescher -  OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty H.Drescher - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by H.Drescher on Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:16 am

    Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application Format

    H.Dreschers Application for Overwatch Transhuman Arm (OTA)

    Entirely Out-Of-Character Information (nobody ICly wants to get horribly transhumanized)

    Steam Name: H.Drescher

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:11671940

    Age: 14

    First Name: Hans

    Gender: Male

    Requested Unit Digits (5): 13347

    How long have you been roleplaying? About one and a half years.

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious OpenAura servers? I have been playing for about one year.

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious HL2RP servers? Once again, I have been playing for about one year.

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as an Overwatch unit? Yes, I have experience from Nova Gaming.

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Overwatch? I was a Nova unit, however I cannot remember my rank.

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a Civil Protection unit? Yes, I do have experience as a Civil protection Unit.

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Civil Protection? I was a Union until I requested a transfer to the Vice division and made my way to the rank of 03.

    Why do you want to join the Overwatch Transhuman Arm? I remember playing in Nova and how much fun it was to Rp, once we battle an antlion guard. It was also fun to see the refugees fearing even our names.

    Do you have any skills or knowledge that could relatively assist the Overwatch Transhuman Arm (lifeguard/medical training, firearms knowledge, etc.)? Firearms knowledge, Defence build knowledge, and well known computer, and Tactical knowledge.

    What are your character's personality traits? (Personality and mentality.) My character is very smart and can think fast while under pressure and its a natural leader.

    What type of armed force was your character affiliated with before and during the 7 Hour War? (police force, military, airforce, etc.) My character was associated with the NYPD swat team both before and during the 7 Hour War.

    Write a background story (app. 4+ paragraphs) of your character's life, and how they were captured in the 7 Hour War to become transhumanized:

    I was born in New York City into a middle class family, my father was a NYPD police officer and my mother worked at the local hospital. I was a regular child growing up, watching tv, going to the park, snow boarding and everything. However at the age of fourteen I began to get interested in the NYPD because of my father. One day my father bought me to the NYPD police station to tell me all about his job, I immediately after this began researching the job, getting my self physically fit for it, and teaching my self about the weapons they use.

    At the age of 18, I went to the police academy, during this time my father had worked his way up the ranks to the Chief of Police, I was very proud. Within seven months I had passed out of the Academy with flying colors and was at the rank of Sergent. I than requested to be a SWAT officer and had to go back to the Academy for more training. Within eight months I was a swat officer. I was very proud of my self.

    Several weeks after I had graduated there was a bank robbery at the local Bank of America. Within minutes one-fourth of the entire NYPD force had surrounded the entire building. They had sent in an elite S.W.A.T team, which was us. Several of were inserted through the roof and the plan was to break through the ceiling window to cause a diversion, while several members entered from the front and back area. I was the leader of the roof team, after creating the diversion we entered the building through the roof access. A large firefight broke out lasting nearly thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, two of the swat officers were dead and only two of the bank robbers remained. They went into the bank vault with 3 hostages. A dangerous situation it was. We had two choices, fill the room up with a special type of knock out gas to knock out the hostages and the bank robbers, or blow open the bank vault. We chose to fill the bank vault with the gas, after five minutes we entered and found that they were all on the ground, sleeping from the gas and quickly transported the remaining bank robbers to the local police station. The hostages got medical attention and were quickly told about the entire event, one had requested a therapist.

    Two years later I was called out into the street to set up choke-points on the ground and to help direct citizens out of the city. I was later informed that extra-terrestrials were invading New York. I was armed with my MP5 directing citizens out of the city. A large war machine rumbled through the city, one that is now called a strider. I emptied an entire clip at it and than ran away. It did not back down. It started mowing down many of the civilians and blowing up buildings with some sort of laser. Alien soldiers followed behind it.

    I hid in an alleyway waiting for the strider to pass, I stuck my head out around the corner and then the next thing I knew I looked behind me and got knocked out with the butt of some sort of weapon. I had later awoken in some sort of prison cell naked. Two of the soldiers took me to a room down a corridor, from there I fell asleep and I awoke a new person. I woke up feeling stronger, healthier and more fit than ever before. Everyone I knew was either dead, resisting, or an OTA unit like me. I am a super solider now for the combine, and I will never forget that now.

    Provide an example of passive roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 2+ paragraphs or 20 lines):

    OTA KING 14461: Units, new intell suggest that there is an anti-citizen outpost near base. CODE: Deploy, Amputate, Ripcord.

    OTA Units: Ten-four.

    OTA KING 14461: Units 20314 and 91324, 10-50 around the anti-citizen outpost, Coordinates are -1234,51234.

    OTA Units: Ten-four.

    /it both of the units head out to patrol around the anti-citizen outpost to report on any information.

    OTA KING 14461: NOMAD, Prepare the APC.

    OTA NOMAD: Copy.

    OTA NOMAD: /me walks to the APC garage and fuels and loads ammo and supplies into the truck for the raid.

    OTA Unit 20314:/radio KING 14461, Anti-Citizens spotted.

    OTA KING 14461:/radio Report on their numbers and weaponry.

    OTA Unit 20314:/radio Seven Anti-citizens, Heavily armed with AR2s, MP7s and SPAS 12s.

    OTA KING 14461:/radio Ripcord.

    OTA Unit 20314:/radio Ten-four.

    OTA KING 14461: NOVA, prepare medical supplies.

    OTA NOVA: Copy that.

    OTA KING 14461: APEX and ECHO units, Arm yourselves, Flush Anti-citizens from position.

    /it the APEX and ECHO units run towards the armory, the APEX units stock their AR2s with energy balls and the ECHO units grab MP7s with grenades.

    OTA NOMAD: KING 14461, APC is Ten-Eight.

    OTA KING 14461: Copy, arm yourself.

    OTA NOMAD: Copy that.

    OTA KING 14461: Airwatch, DEPLOY,INOCULATE.

    OTA Airwatch: 10-1.

    OTA KING 14461: Inoculate APC.

    OTA Airwatch: Ten-four.

    OTA KING 14461: Units, proceed to APC, move out.

    /it the OTA units move into the APC with the KING unit in it as well. The Airwatch guards the APC and will also attack the outpost from above.

    Provide an example of action roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 3+ paragraphs or 30 lines):

    The OTA units move out to attack the Anti-citizen outpost. The journey takes five minutes to reach. Inside the resistance members are getting ready to go to bed with two of them on guard duty. The Airwatch unit moves in with a combine attack helicopter and begins to shoot down at the outpost. The resistance numbers are much greater than the recon units had counted. The Airwatch unit radios to the KING and reports that the exact number of anti-citizens is thirty-four. The helicopter heavily weakens the defenses, as well as destroying several buildings. The KING unit radios in for dropships on the location.

    The APC arrives and the Units get out of it shooting at the houses and resistance members. The turret of the APC begins to fire at them and suppresses them. One of the ECHO units advances closer and is shot clean through the head with a crossbow right in the eye. The units take cover while the Airwatch destroys the building where the shot came from. The drop ships arrive on the opposite side of the outpost. One of the resistance members takes a grenade and throws it into the open pod of the drop ship, killing several of the soldiers and wounding two of them. The dropship flies away with the dead and wounded on board to be treated. The resistance members are shot down by the pulse rounds of the Helicopter and some the OTA units.

    Soon there was only 5 resistance members left and they were holed up inside a basement. The KING unit ordered the Airwatch to ripcord back to base. The OTA units stack up on the side of the door and one of them plants a charge on it. The other who is in front of the door throws in a flash-bang and the OTA units quickly move in. The first unit who enters is quickly shot down by blind gun fire. After the resistance members empty they're clips, the rest of the OTA units move in and detain everyone. They take them up onto the surface where they line them up against a wall in front of an APC. One of the resistance members run away only to be shot in the back of the head by the KING unit. The king unit then orders the APC to amputate the resistance members on the wall.

    The OTA units take all the resistance members bodies who weren't blown up and then stacked them in a pile. They took an unknown highly flamable fuel and pour it over the dead corpses and then light it. The KING unit orderes all the units to RIPCORD back to base. In the end, the remaining resistance members from other outpost came to check the outpost, only to find the entire place destroyed, and the burned bodies of they're comrades.

    Character Information (during 7 Hour War, also OOC)

    Name: Charles Den

    Affiliated Police Force: NYPD Swat team.

    Rank: Sergent First class.

    Role: Leader of an elite Swat squad in the NYPD.

    Commonly Issued Primary Firearm: KRISS Vector SMG .45 ACP

    Age: Twenty-two.

    Weight: 135 Lb

    Height: 5"11

    Hair Color: Blond

    Eye Color: Brown

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Gender: Male

    Distinguishing Marks: None.

    Yes or No? (Still OOC)

    Please mark one with a "x"✔

    Are you currently a member of the Metropolice Force?

    Yes __ No X


    If so, what rank are you?

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Civil Workers’ Union?

    Yes __ No X


    If so, what do you do for the CWU?

    Do you promise that you will not minge or troll at all or cause any disruption for both the roleplay and the community?

    I promised to not minge or troll at all or cause disruption to any of the roleplay or the community.

    Do you promise that you will roleplay as realistically as you can? Overwatch units are supposed to almost all identical in personality and in verbal skill levels.
    I promise to roleplay realisticly as I can as an OTA unit.

    SIDE-NOTE: I have read the correct terminology as well as attempting to make both of my stories as realistic as possible. I am not sure what you mean by the "slang" as I saw no slang within my Fire-fight. However, I do believe there is some slang within my backstory. I have done my best to clear up the slang and make it as vivid as possible. I am not sure what you have been less completed answers near the bottom, so I made several of them more specific.Ex: More specific towards the firearm.

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    H.Drescher -  OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: H.Drescher - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by Sinic on Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:31 am


    Don't have time to review this fully, it doesn't look very complete (the last few questions)
    I'll check it out later, but your story is a bit short and has some slang in it.
    And the question about your skills and knowledge is relating to you IRL, remember, this is entirely OOC.


    Since you fixed it up, it looks great now!
    The story is still a bit short, those were only four short paragraphs, but I will ignore that, either that, the application looks really good and I like the organization that you added to it.
    You're a good roleplayer, I know that, and I just want to make sure that you do good when you are OTA, just don't fail me, I want this squad to be good and as best as it can be.

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    H.Drescher -  OTA App [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: H.Drescher - OTA App [ACCEPTED]

    Post by H.Drescher on Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:05 am

    Alright, cleaned up some of the slang(I think), fixed a couple grammar mistakes, and redid my OOC skills.

    Other than that :foreveralone:


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    Post by H.Drescher on Tue May 27, 2014 1:21 am

    holy shit

    this is some tom clancy shit right here for OTA

    tom clancy is dead

    am i dead

    . They took an unknown highly flamable fuel and pour it over the dead corpses and then light it.

    nobel prize worthy


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