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    Post by John Jordan on Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:10 pm

    Entirely Out-Of-Character Information (nobody ICly wants to get horribly transhumanized)

    Steam Name: masterchief117666

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17388163

    Age: 16

    First Name: John

    Gender: Male

    Requested Unit Digits (5): 87035

    How long have you been roleplaying? Five Years

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious OpenAura servers? About two

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious HL2RP servers? One year I think, around that

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as an Overwatch unit? Yes, in nova gaming.

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Overwatch? OWS

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a Civil Protection unit? Yes, as an 01 in Nova and an 04 in Overwatch Gaming

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Civil Protection? 01 and 04

    Why do you want to join the Overwatch Transhuman Arm? I want to try a new type of roleplay, and especially go in the shoes of one of the most faced enemies in Half Life.

    Do you have any skills or knowledge that could relatively assist the Overwatch Transhuman Arm (lifeguard/medical training, firearms knowledge, etc.)? I do have medical knowledge and firearms knowledge, a lot of both

    What are your character's personality traits? (Personality and mentality.)Allan is a usually upbeat person and loves to have fun. When situations arise he becomes serious and does whatever he can to protect his friends. He always does what's necessary for the greater good.

    What type of armed force was your character affiliated with before and during the 7 Hour War? (police force, military, airforce, etc.) Airforce.

    Write a background story (app. 4+ paragraphs) of your character's life, and how they were captured in the 7 Hour War to become transhumanized: Allan Williams was born in Atlanta Georgia to his father George Williams and his mother Ann Williams. Allan was an averagely intelligent person, mostly making B's and A's in his classes. He did have behavioral problems, he talked to much in class and got into fights. He always stood by his friends and he would stand up to any bully that would harass them. He became more and more mature as he aged, by the time he was in high school his behavioral problems went down. He began to study harder and raise most of his grades from B's to A's. Soon, he graduated and went to an out of state collage.
    Allan began his courses in Aeronautical Engineering, for he had always had a thing for flying. He was able to get an apartment close to the campus, but it was a small one. As he progressed through collage his grades slowly declined. He became preoccupied when his father got cancer, and was slowly dying in a hospital bed. The college began to get annoyed with his absence and he was threatened to be kicked out. Allan had to weigh his options, stay with his father for the last time, or secure his future in the Aeronautic Engineering. He decided and left his father with much sadness. He returned to his studies and raised his grades greatly, but his father died soon after. Allan enrolled in the ROTC, and was enrolled in the OCS. The airforce began paying for his tuition and he graduated with his masters. He then went and joined the airfoce as an F/A-14 Tomcat pilot.
    Allan flew very many missions in the Persian Gulf war. He was quickly promoted to captain and then to Major. He was often refereed to as "hotshot" or "sticky beard". His record vastly improved and as he flew more successful missions. His first challenge arose when the black mesa incident occurred, and he he had to begin bombing runs on the black mesa facility. The alien ships that had come out of the resonance cascade began shooting down any aircraft that came close. He heard the retreat of the soldiers on the ground as MV-22 Boeing's began to come in for a pick up. The marines started to bang out of the area as they announced a warhead was being armed inside the facility. Allan flied continuously until the final count down for the warhead was initiated and he pulled out. The black mesa facility was finally destroyed by a delayed blast as he returned to his airbase.
    He served many years after in an elite fighter squadron called the Black Stallions he was regarded as one of the best current fliers there were. Then there came the portal storms, and all of its horrors were unleashed upon the world. He was called to service in the new F/A-18 Super Hornets and he began to take off with the other Black Knights. They began fighting the alien aircraft that plagued the skies. After days of fighting, a new horror arose and began to use the Portal Storms as a tool. The Universal Union began unleashing their synth aircraft among the world. The Black Knights were once again dispatched to take care of the problem. Allan spearheaded the squadron and the fight began. It lasted no more than a minute, his squadron encountered multiple synth crafts and they quickly turned on the group. They tore the squadron apart and Allan's wing was seared off as pulse began to focus on him. His plane began to go into the often known "dead spin" as he ejected from his aircraft. He landed in a field with deep concussions from the G-force he felt when the parachute opened. He was soon captured and taken away from the field for transhumanation.

    Provide an example of passive roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 2+ paragraphs or 20 lines): The nova unit moves into the medical bay and goes to the surgical room. He begins to examine the unit that had been sedated and lain on the table. The unit had been shot in the chest by a nine milometer and had been given to the Nova unit for operation. Nova grabs a scalpel and begins to make incisions close to the wound. He uses clamps to keep the wound open and peers inside. He begins to work on the wound.He grabs the forceps and begins to remove the bullet from then wound and sets it aside. He grabs a med pack from the tray and opens it. He picks up a sterilized wipe and begins to apply biogel to it. He begins to wipe the wipe inside the wound and watches as the minor damages begin to mend. He continues to wipe the biogel on the sides and on the surface of the wound. He sets down the wipe and begins to remove the clamp and stitches up the wound.
    The unit begins examining the rest of the officer's body. He comes across a compound break in the unit's leg, and prepares for surgery. He sedates the unit further with 10cc's of Methohexital, and cuts open the unit's pants leg. Nova takes a scalpel and makes an incision below the compound wound and sets down the scalpel. He gets the clamps and clamps the sides of the wound and spreads it open. He picks up a bone saw and begins sawing off the compound bone, then removes the bone. He sets the bone saw and picks up the forceps, then he picks up the bone and re-lines the bone in its original position. He grabs a bovie pen and begins cauterizing the blood vessels and veins inside of the wound. He picks up the biogel and applies it to a sterilized cloth and rubs it inside of the wound. He pulls the clamps back together and releases them, then he begins stitching the wound back together. Nova looks up at the heart rate monitor and leaves the room.

    Provide an example of action roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 3+ paragraphs or 30 lines):
    1. OTA-Airwatch.OWS-87013 climbs into the helicopter's cockpit and activates the controls.
    2. Airwatch: Requesting permission to take off, dispatch.
    3. Dispatch: Copy, cleared.
    4. 87013 begins the rotors and slowly ascends into the air
    5. Airwatch begins to bank towards the target area and tilts the nose down further.
    6. He stops banking and looks straight ahead at the area.
    7. A destroyed house comes into view along with an old shed.
    8. A rocket approaches from the side.
    9. Airwatch banks and the rocket misses.
    10. Airwatch: Six forty seven E's confirmed at location. Engaging.
    11. Dispatch: Copy. Continue prosecution.
    12. Airwatch thumbs the firing controls and the machine gun begins to charge.
    13. The machine gun discharges and bullets rip apart the house.
    14. Six small figures begin to come from the shed and begin to run across the space occupying the house.
    15. Airwatch begins to charge the machine gun again and fires a burst into the group.
    16. The figures fall to the ground and small red pools appear around the bodies.
    17. Airwatch: Six 647E's neutralized. Continuing prosecution.
    18. He begins to arm bombs as he flies over the house and releases the payload.
    19. An explosion rocks the foundation of the house.
    20. The roof of the house collapses and dust spreads disperses around the site
    21. Another rocket comes from the doorway of the shed and begins to track the helicopter
    22. Airwatch yanks the controls and the helicopter tilts drastically
    23. The rocket hit the tail of the helicopter
    24. The helicopter begins to spin but Airwatch calmly rights it
    25. The helicopter comes to bear with the shed and charges its pulse gun
    26. A flurry of pulse rains down on the old shed and destroys its support.
    27. The shed collapses and a figure is seen coming from the behind the shed, fleeing in the opposite direction.
    28. Airwatch: 647E is code 647C. Engaging.
    29. Airwatch thumbs the trigger again as the machine gun charges and spits the pulse. The figure hits the ground as pulse rips into his back
    30. Airwatch: Airwatch is 10-21.
    31. Dispatch: Copy that. Cleared.
    32. The helicopter banks and tilts its nose in the direction of the nexus.

    Character Information (during 7 Hour War, also OOC)

    Name: Allan Williams

    Affiliated Police Force:
    Affiliated Army:

    Rank: Major

    Role: Fighter Pilot

    Commonly Issued Primary Firearm: MP5

    Age: Twenty Nine

    Weight: One hundred eighty one pounds

    Height: Five Eleven

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Blue

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Gender: Male

    Distinguishing Marks: None

    Yes or No? (Still OOC)

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Metropolice Force?

    Yes __ No _✔_


    If so, what rank are you?

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Civil Workers’ Union?

    Yes __ No _✔_


    If so, what do you do for the CWU?

    Do you promise that you will not minge or troll at all or cause any disruption for both the roleplay and the community? Yes.

    Do you promise that you will roleplay as realistically as you can? Overwatch units are supposed to almost all identical in personality and in verbal skill levels. Yes.

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    Esoteric Servers

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    Post by Sinic on Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:13 am


    Only reason why I have it pending is to wait for Stallion and MisterJohn's application.

    Either way, this is a real good application, and I really like the turning point to the story on how he had to either visit his father or go to school, probably the most interesting story I read actually and the most easy to understand, and I think this is the best OTA app I gotten so far.

    The passive roleplay was more like one paragraph, but in two different tabs, pretty rushed, needs some improvement.

    The action roleplay was alright, I can see you spent most of your time with your backstory, I think you could probably improve the action roleplay a bit then.

    I am just a bit confused about the fact if you want to be Airwatch (which you are probably implying), Slystrike seems to already want to be an Airwatch unit but also an engineer, MisterJohn wants to be the sniper and Stallion most likely will become the field medic. Hmm... should I accept all of you, actually?
    Maybe the OTA will be huge, but atleast we will have one of everyone.

    This would be accepted right away after you edited some stuff like the passive and action roleplay, but I need to wait for Stallion and MisterJohn, hopefully their applications will be as good as well, and that'll give me time to think about accepting all three of you for a team of seven OTA (Me, Duck, Sly, Drescher, you, MisterJohn and Stallion)

    *EDIT* - Your story and passive roleplay I find is not exactly 4 or 2 paragraphs, those right there I wouldn't call paragraphs, so you should add more detail, also, remember, if you haven't done this yet, add in some emotional distinctions in the story, like how your character feels.
    I didn't accept Stallion though, because he has already has enough characters so far, and the transition between Hudson and his CP is already too great, your story, I really enjoyed though just because of the turning point, all you need to do is extend it, and do this with your other paragraph on the passive roleplay, you have one chance though, if not, you will just be denied.

    John Jordan - OTA App [ACCEPTED] 24vnw91
    Esoteric Servers
    Esoteric Servers

    Posts : 530
    Join Date : 2011-12-21
    Age : 21
    Location : Some place where it's cold.
    Character Name : Darnell Jackson

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    Post by Sinic on Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:58 pm


    I already know you got your OTA, but you deserve the position of COS as well so you can lead the OWS for me.

    Hopefully you get on HL2RP more than SSTRP from now on though.

    But the story was great, really was, just because of that turning point and the choices of denial between two things for your character, I knew right away that you developed someone, maybe developing a character doesn't matter for OTA, but in this case, who cares, that was awesome.

    John Jordan - OTA App [ACCEPTED] 24vnw91

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