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    // Note, spelling errors are on purpose.

    Date: 2/15/12
    Firt time writing this, do not know how it works, i will start out with my childhood..well, no..i cannot remember anything from the childhood..lets start with how i got captured...i was in the typical C17 apartment, until one day, the combine raided them..i tried to hide, but i was weak, and hurt, i could not run, i had a bag put over my hurtful it emotinolly hurt. I woke up, on a table, strapped, i saw a table of knives, drills, and more, i felt a sharp pain in mein gut, then i saw black..i woke up again, musta been houra leter, i noticed my legs felt stronger then normal, they muzt have done somethn to me.

    Date: 2/15/12

    I woke up, i'll write again, where to start..ah..yes, the mistakes..they made so many mistakes, i think they put what the hipsters call these days 'augments..' De-activated though, it would take a horrendous amount of UU-technology to re-activate them, and even then, it is 1% chance of happening! While i was there..a accident happened in the facility, a explosion must have happened..because i was not tended too, luckily, i was healed and untied, i got up, feeling a bi woozy, they were too focused on the explosion to notice me, i attempted to find a exit, i failed, but i found directions too one..i decided to go to sleep in a storage room.


    Log 3.
    I will go into a bit of my childhood, now that i can remember a bit..lets start with my father..a cruel man he was, he abused my mother and me..treated us like we were dogs, while he and his son were happy..a abusive bastard he was, he should have rotted in mother, was a nice mother, she fed me from age range 1-7, and lit up a spark in my heart everytime she cared for me, my brother was like his selfish asshole who shoulda rot in hell with dad. I, will not explain who i am.

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    Just update it by clicking EDIT, leave the replies to people's comments. :P

    Also, is Emily going to become Helix or something? Because not even CPs have augments, maybe EpU has them slightly, but yeah, I'm not sure how Emily would exactly receive them, like, we aren't Dominus/TnB/Voltaic, this type of backstory just won't be very good, I advise it gets changed, because I wouldn't understand why CPs would give deactivated legs to a random woman and then let her free, but atleast you didn't make them activated in the first place, but have fun when you walk by a giant magnet. :awwyeah:

    Not exactly digging the choice of music, may fit with the German heritage, but yeah, the percussion is just so... ewghh. All I hear is bad ratatattata drumming sounds. :yuno:

    Either way, I merged the updated diary with the first one.

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