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    Fallout Online 2238 Empty Fallout Online 2238

    Post by Mitch on Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:46 pm

    Fallout Online 2238 server is down so we will get on today.

    That means you: Xeanos, Bowlin12, Russ, Fork, Epic face, candlejack

    If you get on save up money for a cave or gas station we need a faction base!!!

    Fallout Online 2238 Nosferatu1922

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    Fallout Online 2238 Empty Re: Fallout Online 2238

    Post by russ on Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:51 am

    Hey retard I know you're grounded but wtf is this.

    Anyway we need more armor in the base. Everything there was beyond repair so I disassembled it and got like nothing. Now there is nothing left but helmets. Most are in pretty good shape. I figured out that if you loot a corpse in an encounter with the NCR they will attack you even if it's your kill, almost died because of it, but due to planning ahead I was running away already and got away. Unfortunately, the guy I killed... with my fists... who had a grease gun or some shit, only dropped a knife. I discarded it because it pissed me off. So I really need a new gun, and we really need to stockpile ammo.

    There's a ton of caps in base, and there's a ton of fruits that I picked. We have something like 500 fruits now so we should get to selling them.

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