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    [Character Bio] An old friend of mine


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    [Character Bio] An old friend of mine Empty [Character Bio] An old friend of mine

    Post by Xeanos on Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:13 am

    I remember when I used to get up at six o'clock when the Summer sun of Scotland used to peak the hills - I used to crawl of bed in the morning and sit in my garden. It was cold but she was always there to warm my feet.

    I remember when I used to go down into the village to buy the paper and sweets - The sign said they where not allowed but I could get her in.

    They used to say they've never seen a Dog so friendly and loving. Dog people used to admire how she used to stand and watch.

    When they came - She was taken away from me. They shaved my hair and they put me in thin clothes. They starved me and they punched me. However, they already had broke my heart.

    The sun was always Orange. As was her name. I won't be able to get her back but I will never forget her.

    My name is Orange. I'm just a man who misses my Dog.

    Throughout the City I see misery and frowns. I see people who I may have known but the stuff they put in the water just makes me forget.

    I do work with a bitter taste in my mouth and sometimes it takes me a while to remember why.

    I always see her in my reflection and in peoples faces.

    They would have smiled if they met Orange.

    People laugh at my name and I always have to meet with new Metro-Police units to confirm my name.

    I'd like to say I would kill those who hurt my dog. I would like to say that one day I'll pay the Combine back for what they done.

    I could never bring myself to do that to another human. Even one hidden under a mask.

    Where I hide is in myself.

    I'm just a man who misses my Dog.


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    [Character Bio] An old friend of mine Empty Re: [Character Bio] An old friend of mine

    Post by bowlin12 on Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:43 pm

    That was good, a few grammar and spelling errors but other than that. Good job.

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