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    Post by ExcludedGamer on Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:06 pm

    Entirely Out-Of-Character Information

    Steam Name:ExcludedGamer

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:34474667


    First Name:Michael


    Requested Unit Digits (5):43245

    How long have you been roleplaying? I have been roleplaying for 2 years now.

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious OpenAura servers? About a year now.

    How long have you been roleplaying in serious HL2RP servers? Around 5 months.

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as an Overwatch unit? No, I would like to learn to have experience, ya gotta start somewhere, right?

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Overwatch? I'll just leave this blank.

    Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a Civil Protection unit? Yes in a City OpenAura I was a CP for a month or so.

    If so, what were your ranks in those servers for Civil Protection? Just the recruit, never went any higher.

    Why do you want to join the Overwatch Transhuman Arm? I would like to join the OTA because I love variety in roleplaying servers and if I were an OTA,My interest in the server would increase greatly.

    Do you have any skills or knowledge that could relatively assist the Overwatch Transhuman Arm (lifeguard/medical training, firearms knowledge, etc.)? I would know how to fly about everything, and have High weapons training.

    What are your character's personality traits? (Personality and mentality.) He is a serious, semi-cruel and will stop at nothing to get the job done, He goes a little overboard sometimes, Insane maybe.

    What type of armed force was your character affiliated with before and during the 7 Hour War? (police force, military, airforce, etc.)Before the war he was in the military but during the 7 Hour War, He became a member of the. Airforce.

    Write a background story (app. 4+ paragraphs) of your character's life, and how they were captured in the 7 Hour War to become transhumanized: My characters name was William, he was an average guy in in town, nice, attractive, and fun to be around,Until one day the combine began attacking, and William with all his strength tried to protect his friends and family, failed, and as his friends and family were slaughtered infront of him, he turned insane attacking at the combine with a shard of metal, but seeing how crazy he was, they decided to take him to be transhumanized.

    Provide an example of passive roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 2+ paragraphs or 20 lines): As 43245 and the rest of his unit patrol the dead city, they begin unraveling clues on the wherabouts of the resistance, which he had spotted earlier in the swamp, 43245 Stumbles apon several 4.6 round casing on the ground, followed by a trail of blood into a nearby building.

    Provide an example of action roleplay as an Overwatch unit (app. 3+ paragraphs or 30 lines): As 43245's unit close behind him, he follows the fresh trail of blood into the building to find 3 resistance in the building! Taking cover immediately behind a wall, 43245 asks another one of his teammates to flank the resistance through the other side of the building, and asking another, the Sniper to climb up on the near towering building to provide cover fire,as 43245 is being fired at, the other unit mate, 54672, begins to lay suppressing fire to flush the resistance into a small room, immediately 43245 throws a flare into the room to blind them, And as a wounded one is the last to escape the room, 43245 tackles him into the ground, But taking a shot to the back by a pistol, immediately flips the wounded of his body has a human shield as the one with the pistol continues to fire, killing her teammate, Grief stricken the Pistol wielding female is shot in the back by 54672, with his MP7
    ,and as soon as 43245 wonders where the third is, He gets tackled by him, and before the last man pulled a .357 round into my head, the sniper that I ordered to the roof takes off his head before he could pull the trigger.

    Character Information (during 7 Hour War, also OOC)

    Name: William Oswell

    Affiliated Police Force:
    Affiliated Army: Air force


    Role: To fly support helicopters for the 7 hour war.

    Commonly Issued Primary Firearm: MP7A1

    Age: 26

    Weight: 165

    Height: 6,8

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Smoky blue

    Ethnicity: UK English

    Gender: Male

    Distinguishing Marks: Scar across his face

    Yes or No? (Still OOC)

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Metropolice Force?

    Yes _✔_ No __


    If so, what rank are you?
    Division Leader

    Please mark one with a ✔

    Are you currently a member of the Civil Workers’ Union?

    Yes __ No _✔_


    If so, what do you do for the CWU?

    Do you promise that you will not minge or troll at all or cause any disruption for both the roleplay and the community?
    I swear on my mothers grave.

    Do you promise that you will roleplay as realistically as you can? Overwatch units are supposed to almost all identical in personality and in verbal skill levels. I will promise to do the best role play I can do.
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    Post by Sinic on Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:22 pm


    Sorry to say, but the backstory itself isn't very storytelling, and it just makes it seem like your guy was a normal person who got attacked and tried to stab random Overwatch soldiers, if you want more info what your application should be like, check out John Jordan's or xDaStallionx's apps.

    Like, the grammar wasn't very appealing, and the whole flow of it wasn't entertaining either, and your passive RP example was't even passive RP, in that section, I'm asking how would Overwatch speak to eachother, it can be related to action as well, but you atleast need to add in the verbal communication.

    Also, in the 7 Hour War, there were Synthetic creatures (like Hunters, Striders, and other concealed-from-canon Synths), not Overwatch attacking the world, I know some people may not know this information, but even if you got it correct, you still made a very short backstory when it's supposed to be four paragraphs, not one, and your roleplaying examples were also extremely short, and you also didn't dedicate any time to this, from you speaking to me over Steam chat, it seems like you only put an hour into this entire application.

    Also, maybe some people are not the best at applications, but for now, I am not sure if you would be dedicated as a Overwatch, like, you'd have to have extreme understanding of advanced vocabulary, and also, you would need to understand all of the important Combine terminology, it's not like you can get on your Overwatch and start talking like "Rebel spotted at the town." or "Protect this building from the resistance.", it would need to be like "Anti-citizen personal last seen at the resistance occupied rural settlement." and "Protect this structure from anti-citizen personal.", etc. etc., and those are only small examples.

    You could have another chance, but don't expect that I will be even easier on you, I know you're dedicated to the server and you love it, but this isn't acceptable material to... well... accept.

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